Single Rollout Service


What you get:

Mixing and Mastering

3 rounds of free revisions


Graphic Design

Single cover art

3 rounds of free revisions


Coaching Calls

Single Rollout Assistance Call (2 hrs)

6 Month Strategy Call (2 hrs)


Social Media Content

Up to 20 days of scheduled, curated and on brand content

How it works :

Stage 1: Develop Single

At this point, your song is written and recorded. Now you need single art and a professional mix and master. That's where we come in.


Stage 2: Coaching Call

You’ll book a 2 hour session with Kareem who will help you plot out a strategy for your release.

Stage 3: Roll Out

The team will work in tandem to create the content, and schedule, ensuring that every single post looks great, and is pushing people to connect with you and your music.

Step 4: Final Coaching Call

Kareem will go through the results of the rollout and give you a corresponding 6 month blueprint so you can make the most of the momentum you’ve built over the past few weeks.

Our Team

Mike Irish

Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Your Point Man


Cass Angheluta

Graphic Design

Kareem Guy

Indie Music Business Coach


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