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Who Are We

Our Mission

There is an incredible wealth of talent in the smaller towns of British Columbia, that is so often overlooked. 


Our mission is to create more performance opportunities, accessible education and grow our vibrant community of emerging and established artists in these underserved communities.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and hip-hop has a unique ability to give voice to these stories.


We also believe that when we share our stories with a community it gives us an opportunity to live more authentically, find greater value in ourselves and ultimately to heal. 


It's incredible to watch an artist dig deep into their resources, to deliver an intimate performance or create a powerful body of work.


Even more beautiful when they use that power to deepen their commitment to themselves, to their path and their future.

Team Members


Mike Irish grew up in Whitehorse, Yukon and after travelling the world has settled in beautiful B.C. for the past decade.

He grew up with a love of hip-hop and started to pursue a career in it at the age of 21. The power of music has helped fuel his journey down the path of sobriety and healing. This path has had many twists and turns leading him to work as an artist, audio engineer, promoter and community leader.

He now resides in Vernon, BC where he runs his studio MuseWorks Audio and the Healing Through Hip Hop initiative.

From a young age, Cody Hall has always had a passion for hip hop.  Growing up in a small town in Alberta, access to it was difficult, so he would often stay up late at night to listen to the radio on the off chance he would hear a track from one of his favorite artists.


Discovering a passion for creating hip hop music as a way to cope with the stresses of his life, he adopted the stage name Profound and took his listeners on a journey through his triumphs and tragedies through his music.


Finding his home in Vernon, he met Mike Irish through the hands of fate, and is now helping to give back to the community through Well Versed, and their Healing Through Hip Hop Intiative.


What We Offer

Writing and Audio Production Workshops - We love to share our collective experience of nearly two decades of writing, recording and producing music. We offer skill specific workshops on songwriting, performing advice, recording and advanced mixing techniques.

Open Mics and Shows - Creating a welcoming space for emerging and established artists to share their music. Our goal is a dynamic, fun and encouraging atmosphere for artists to be authentic in their creativity.

Online Community - Our growing Discord channel offers a vibrant community for artists to hang around likeminded people. A great spot for collaboration and inspiration.

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