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Frantic is different.

Not a bad thing, there’s a difference.

He weaves his words together in a way which warrants deeper reflection. However, it’s misdirection in a metaphorical context.

He’ll stretch syllables in seemingly simple ways that make me wonder “What's next?”

And I’m wrong time after time. Every line in his rhymes forces the mind to wander and skip back on the track. Now enough of my poetry, let’s get down to brass tacks.

Frantic made something unique, and special with his project Wisdom and

Wonder. Fusing the stylistic and intricate metaphors of spoken word, with hip hop production (Produced entirely by Frantic no less), he has managed to create something truly different in a sea of artists attempting to emulate the newest fads.

I’ve listened to this album at least a dozen times now, and I believe I’m JUST beginning to scratch the surface on the meaning Frantic put within each of these songs. There is a lot to unpack in this album, and he has this beautiful way of keeping me interested in every syllable.

When Frantic sent me the album, he included a write up that I chose to ignore until I had digested the album so as not to cloud my judgement on the tracks. I like to be surprised. And boy-oh-boy was I surprised to read that there weren’t any hooks on the songs.


I had become so caught up in the story telling in the songs, and the album overall, that I didn't even realize that there wasn’t a single hook throughout my listening experience.


That, I believe, is the true beauty in this album. You will be so enraptured by Frantic’s poetry and storytelling, that you won't even realize that something is “missing”. Because at the end of the day, nothing is missing from these songs.

The lead single and leading track on the album “Stream and Boulder” hits you with exactly what you’re in store for right off the bat. Frantic pulls no punches as he weaves his metaphor inlaid tapestry for you.


Favorite Bar: A poet with power, he’s learned to control it too/ Doesn’t show it though it towers. Please don’t misconstrue/Braggadocious and rightfully so.


On Steam Whistle, Frantic is joined by Mikenna Hope who kicks off this back and forth sparring match that blends each others unique styles into a track that makes your head nod.


Favorite Bar: I’m Hype, can you catch my frequency?/ Mikenna


Absolutely bodied this flow.


And that’s it, that’s all I’m going to tell you about this album, because you NEED to go listen to it right now.


Quit reading this review, go listen.


Check Frantic out at @franticrhymes.

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